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Clermont-Ferrand 2019

Interview with Yves Piat, director of Nefta Football Club

In a Moroccan village, children play football on an improvised field. Meanwhile, Abdallah and Mohammed come across a donkey with a headphone on his hears and bags full of a white powder on his back. The two young brothers decide to bring those (...)

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Alex Feggans, director of Jackrabbit

Based on a true story. An Italian backpacker stops at a remote gas station in Australia and is confronted with a strange situation. Interview with Alex Feggans, director of the amusing, genre-bending Australian short Jackrabbit. Jackrabbit (...)

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ClermontFF2019 Interview with Jonathan Hodgson, director of Roughhouse

In a strange town, the relationship of a group of friends is tested when a new person joins them. The manipulative personality of the new group member has worrying consequences and challenges the loyalty of the friends. Are there any elements (...)

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ClermontFF2019 Interview with Vincent Lambe, director of Detainment

Detainment is based on transcripts of the interrogation of 10 year-olds Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, who murdered toddler James Bulger in 1993. How did you learn about children’s transcripts? I was 12 when it happened and I grew up (...)

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ClermontFF2019 Entretien avec Vincent Lambe, réalisateur de Detainment (Garde à vue)

Comment avez-vous appris l’existence des transcriptions des interrogatoires de l’affaire James Bulger ? J’avais douze ans au moment de l’affaire, et j’en ai entendu parler toute ma jeunesse. Je n’arrivais pas à comprendre comment ces deux garçons de (...)

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ClermontFF2019 Lobo Mauro, director of Mais Triste que Chuva num Recreio de Colégio

Can you explain your choice of title? Is it a Brazilian saying? It’s not a Brazilian saying. There’s a sentence in a book called Os Cus de Judas (“The Land at the End of the World”), by António Lobo Antunes, a Portuguese writer, which says “triste (...)

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ClermontFF2019 Veljko Popovic, director of Biciklisti

Interview with Veljko Popovic, director of the beautiful, hypnotic and playful Biciklisti. Can you tell us about cycling season? I’m assuming it’s a real event! The spirit of the local people in my hometown is entangled with sports. It can be (...)

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ClermontFF2019 Thomas Elley, director of Bølger [Open Spaces]

Interview with Thomas Elley, director of the cryptic and unsettling Bølger [Open Spaces] in the international competition. I assume Open Spaces [the English title] refers to the filming location. Can you tell us a bit more about this place and (...)

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ClermontFF2019 Swatted by Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis

Interview with the French filmmaker Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis about his short film Swatted selected as part of the 2019 Lab Competition (L1 programme). A video directed by the students of the ARFIS École, in collaboration with the Brasserie du (...)

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ClermontFF2019 Last Year When The Train Passed by Pang-Chuang Huang

Interview with Taiwanese filmmaker Pang-Chuan Huang around his short film "Last Year When the Train Passed by" selected as part of the 2019 Lab Competition (L5 programme). A video directed by the students of the ARFIS École in collaboration with (...)

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