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Clermont-Ferrand 2017: TOP 5 #1

DeKalb Elementary On comprend qu’il ait gagné le grand prix de la compétition internationale, tant ce film puissant et inattendu reste en mémoire après la projection. Un plan fixe sur le bureau d’accueil d’une école primaire. Nous sommes aux (...)

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Q&A with Daniel Fitzsimmons, dir. of Native, at the East End Film Fest

I gather your background is a mix of Liverpool and California? How have both environments influenced you and your work on Native? (And does Liverpool produce better alien beaches than LA?) In my experience Los Angeles and Liverpool are (...)

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Miles Ahead

The good news is that Miles Ahead, the Miles Davis biopic, has a lead actor (Don Cheadle) playing the title character that strongly resembles Davis (side eye, whilst still supporting, to you Zoe Saldana and David Oyelowo). The better news is (...)

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Get ready for booze, explicit sex, and a love triangle. Essentially a blues story, but also so much more. Queen Latifah (Dana Elaine Owens) reportedly spent the better of a decade trying to get this film made. However the film doesn’t appear to (...)

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East End Film Festival 1-12 July 2015

The East End Film Festival is still going strong, still showcasing an incredibly eclectic selection of first and second films, shorts, docs and other cinematic gems. The full programme is available on the festival’s website. We will be posting (...)

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British presence at Clermont

Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival entries are closed for two months but my participation in the festival wouldn’t end without twinkling an eye on British Presence during this festival. Here we are! And first : British Council (...)

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