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Nightcleaners at Bertha DocHouse

« Nightcleaners » is an early 70s observational account of London’s female office cleaners embroiled in an arduous struggle for fair pay and fair treatment by their male and middle-class bosses. The film has an admirable grip on the public (...)

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Support The Girls by Andrew Bujalski

COMING OUT TOMORROW Excellent statement on the dynamic of precarious work and the women taking it on - SUPPORT THE GIRLS by Andrew Bujalski SUPPORT THE GIRLS follows Lisa (Regina Hall), the general manager at Double Whammies, a highway-side (...)

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Woman at War by Benedikt Erlingsson - Q&A

Benedikt Erlingsson is an Icelandic director, author and actor. His first feature, Of Horses and Men, was a hit on the festival circuit and won many international awards, including the New Directors Prize at the 2013 San Sebastián Film Festival (...)

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Young and Alive / L’Epoque at LFF 2018

Young and Alive is not quite an apt translation of the original title of this film, L’Epoque, which in its subtitles has been translated as the more accurate "our times". Director Matthieu Bareyre was keen to stress this during the Q&A (...)

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Akasha at LFF 2018

Making the most of the seasonal break in the conflict in Sudan, when the heavy rains and mud make it impossible to fight, filmmaker Hajooj Kuka enrolled the dwellers of a village in the Nuba Mountains to make this offbeat comedy that celebrates (...)

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Entretien avec Amel Guellaty, réalisatrice du film Black Mamba

"Black Mamba" présenté au Festival de Clermont-Ferrand 2018 : http://my.clermont-filmfest.com/index.php?&m=104&c=3&id_film=200066481&o=178 Dans la sélection Regards d’Afrique : http://my.clermont-filmfest.com/index.php (...)

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Naila and the Uprising @DocHouse

Naila and the Uprising was a DocHouse screening. It’s rare that a film makes me so angry that I can’t seem to describe it without a rant summarising it as ‘o the injustice!’ but that really was the effect of Julia Bacha’s film. Opening scene: (...)

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Credible Likeable Superstar Role Model - East End Film Festival 2016

London-based performance artist Bryony Kimmings first came to public attention with 7 Day Drunk, a show put together under the influence of alcohol. The subject of new documentary Credible Likeable Superstar Role Model is another ‘real world (...)

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Leonore Schick’s TTIP&Feminist Film Saturday

For more on the Feminist Film Fest, check out filmmaker and Leonore Schick’s blog article... "The London Feminist Film Festival It Happened Here trigger warning: sexual assault, sexual violence, rape. Initially, I only planned to go along to (...)

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