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Enemies of Happiness - Best of Dochouse

Enemies of Happiness/ Vores lykkes fjender is a powerful exploration of the determination and sheer hard work of Malalai Joya in the ten days leading up to the 2005 Afghanistan elections-the first democratic parliamentary election in over 30 (…)

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Love Hotel by Phil Cox and Hikaru Toda - UK PREMIERE 17/09/14

Love hotels are short-stay hotels providing couples-husband and wife/client and prostitute/singleton and friend-with an intimate setting to explore all matters of sexual activities and fantasies. The scale of comfort and quality stretches from (…)

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The Invisible War

’The Invisible War’ is less about a secret war that rape victims are fighting in the military than a series of public and private battles to fix a broken system. Well, broken for the victims of rape, not so much for the rapists who remain (…)

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Tim’s Vermeer

For the most part Tim’s Vermeer is a film about vision, about how we literally see the world- the limitations of sight and its augmentation through technological means. It’s also a film about how we see the world in the figurative sense; Tim (…)

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Alone is a documentary depicting the lives of three young girls, Fen (4), Zhen (6) and Ying (10) in rural, south west China. These young children have been doubly left- first by their mother (for reasons which remain largely unknown) and (…)

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