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Interview with Joanna Quinn and Les Mills, director and writer of Affairs of the Art

Beryl has featured in a number of your films. Can you tell us a bit more about her? Who was the inspiration for her character? How has Beryl’s character evolved since we first met her? Beryl started life as a very one-dimensional character in a (…)

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Q&A with Valerie Barnhart, dir. The Girl in the Hallway - ClermontFF 2020

Why does "Little Red Riding Hood" give Jamie nightmares? It’s been fifteen years, and the girl in the hallway still haunts him. This is a testament to locked doors. A lullaby sung by wolves with duct tape and polaroids. Not all girls make it out (…)

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Encounters 2019 Arab selection

Strange Cities Are Familiar, Dir. Saeed Taji Farouky At once lyrical and political, this film centres on a beautifully understated performance by Mohammad Bakri as Ashraf, a refugee living in London who is unable to return to Palestine to be (…)

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Short of the Week: The Boy and The Sea by Samer Ajouri

This entrancing, hypnotising and moving animation is now available to watch online! Once upon a time there was a boy who had joy in drawing the sea. One day, into the bottom of the sea he dove, in hope of escaping war and misery. The story did (…)

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ClermontFF2019 Interview with Jonathan Hodgson, director of Roughhouse

In a strange town, the relationship of a group of friends is tested when a new person joins them. The manipulative personality of the new group member has worrying consequences and challenges the loyalty of the friends. Are there any elements (…)

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ClermontFF2019 Veljko Popovic, director of Biciklisti

Interview with Veljko Popovic, director of the beautiful, hypnotic and playful Biciklisti. Can you tell us about cycling season? I’m assuming it’s a real event! The spirit of the local people in my hometown is entangled with sports. It can (…)

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ClermontFF2019 Turbine by Alex Boya

Interview in French by the Brasserie du Court team with filming from ARFIS students. Serait-il correct de voir dans votre film une analogie avec l’impact des nouvelles technologies qui ont tendance à s’immiscer considérablement dans nos (…)

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Short of the week: Sorry I Drowned by Studio Kawakeb and MSF

The animation Sorry I Drowned was broadcast on BBC Arabic’s film programme Cinema Badila last week. This 6-minute animated film “Sorry I Drowned”, created by the Beirut-based Studio Kawakeb and Doctors Without Borders (MSF), is inspired by a (…)

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The 5 Most Gruesome Non-Horror Films at This Year’s Encounters

Isn’t brevity great? And managing to avoid scraping a bit of your septal cartilage off with the edge of your fingernail when you’re picking your nose? Two things I really appreciate. Being gross, quickly. As a filmmaker, film journalist and (…)

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Short of the Week: Hot Dog Hands by Mark Reynolds

This truly original yet mildly nauseating multi-award winnerma and Encounters favourite is, in the words of our Bristol-based reviewer Elizabeth Mizon, "a hilarious, touching and disturbing animation about a suburban woman trapped in her home, (…)

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