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Nino’s Place

11 am on 11 July 1995, from his local radio station, 26 year-old Nino announced to the rest of the world the fall of Srebrenica. Later that same day, he is one of 15000 men forced to leave the city, heading for the free zone, some 100 km away. (...)

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Questions-RĂ©ponses autour de Falsos Positivos

The film uncovers the shocking truth behind the phenomenon of the falsos positivos, or false positives, a term that outside a scientific context is used by Columbians to designate the civilians killed by the military and dressed up as guerillos (...)

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Arena Mexico with comments by director Anne Lise Michoud and lecturer Domingo Garcia

This screening was part of the Jeudis du Festival that take place once a month at the Nouveau Latina in Paris. It was followed by a Q and A with the director and Domingo Garcia, a lecturer and researcher on informal economy at the University of (...)

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A double-bill from the Human Rights Film Festival: The Blood of Kuan Kuan and The Tumultuous Life of a Dismissed Worker

This is a special review of two of my coups de coeur from the recent International Human Rights Festival in Paris. This post is a little outdated as the festival took place in March, but many of the films have yet to be distributed on a larger (...)

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