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Our Picks + Women In Body Horror

This week, we are joined by Georgina Allan, film editor for the Radical Art Review to talk about women in horror, specifically focusing on Julia Ducournau’s Raw and Alice Lowe’s Prevenge and their representations of women as complex protagonists (…)

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Q&A with Ariane Labed, dir. Olla - ClermontFF 2020

Olla responded to an advertisement on an Eastern women dating site. She moves in with Pierre, who lives with his old mother. But nothing happens as planned. First time director but seasoned actress Labed brings us a visually distinctive look at (…)

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Knife + Heart (Un couteau dans le coeur) by Yann Gonzalez - Fragments 2019

You And The Night, celebrated at Cannes’s Critics’ Week in 2014, cemented Yann Gonzalez’s reputation as a truly original director, with his own brand of stylish, colourful and erotic filmmaking. With Knife+Heart, Gonzalez offers up a stylised (…)

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Searching Eva by Pia Hellenthal - Fragments 2019

Searching Eva does not use titular character, Eva Collé, as a metaphor for Generation Z taken for granted intersectionality and ‘always on’ social media. Eva’s identity laundry list and reluctance to ‘be’ a gender, culture or nationality is (…)

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