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K Drama Special #4: Introverted Boss - Eps 11 & 12

Monday 3 July 2017, by Nandini Uppluri

Another good episode of Introverted Boss a.k.a. Sensitive Boss or Shy Boss. What do you think will end up happening to Yi Soo and Kang Woo Il at the end of this series? Also, now that this series has ended (don’t worry, I’m still watching and reviewing it!!) what series do you recommend? :)

THIS EPISODE WAS SO DAMN FUNNY! I’m GETTING THERE! ONLY 4 MORE EPISODES LEFT! What do you think Kang Woo Il and Yi Soo will do next? Will they get married?
I know that I mumble my words from time to time, so I’ve included subtitles of what I say... It took me so long to do, but I hope the effort is worth it to make my content more accessible.

Any message or comments?


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