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Zillakiller on Big Brother 2010 The End!

Tuesday 24 August 2010, by Zillakiller


Mario just said ‘game dynamics, gameplay, character development.’

Mario’s hands are numbering his fingers

Mario’s lips are making fs.

There is a shape Mario and Andrew are making we can observe from at least 2 angles.

They have changed this shape.

Mario and Andrew are speaking in a throat croak.

Andrew listens to Mario and watches Mario’s hands numbering his fingers.

Andrew’s nails are painted.

Josie just asked a question about eviction outfits.

Josie poked an ear bud in her ear and looked at it and turned it round and licked the other end and put the other end in her ear.

Dave asked J.J. a question about rosary beads.

Dave said ‘white Ben Sherman shirt’, this was not muted by birdsong or the sound of an aeroplane.

Mario strokes Andrew’s T-shirt with his thumb.

Freederm. Spotcare for spot free skin.

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