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Zillakiller on Big Brother 2010 Days 57-70

Monday 16 August 2010, by Zillakiller

J said J would not say, any other thought, but the other thought she thought. You heard, except she said be. Locked in a TV studio you can only be, not watch TV. The bright lighting says, what is watching but there is anyway night vision. This advert is for a car and is v long and they say it is inspired by (an endorsement deal). You can win (an endorsement deal) and (a photoshoot) you can win. Easy money is money, they said. I said ‘I would not leave the WC. Sometimes I needed to tweet, I said. Sometimes I wanted to blog, I made a speech. Sometimes I needed water, drank from the bowl. At the end of the day I will cease and I will desist. At the end of however long, we go without, we go to VT’

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