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Mydylarama Podcast: Top 5 on Netflix - The Black Middle Classes

Mydy’s second podcast! It’s the second part Secorro’s look at the Netflix Black Lives Matter collection and associated films. We’re still tinkering with tech and format. Other episodes will feature discussions with more back and forth, as well as (...)

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Double-bill from the London Migration Film Festival 2018

The Postman by Vahid Keshavarz Vahid Keshavarz’s documentary short The Postman profiles Hadi, an Iranian poet living in London and working as a postman. There is a quiet dignity to Hadi as he goes about his round, scribbling his verses as they (...)

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Akasha at LFF 2018

Making the most of the seasonal break in the conflict in Sudan, when the heavy rains and mud make it impossible to fight, filmmaker Hajooj Kuka enrolled the dwellers of a village in the Nuba Mountains to make this offbeat comedy that celebrates (...)

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Get Out - "Timely representations of blackness"

In short, loved it. In long, ‘Get Out’ is everything you’ve heard and more. Consistently, whether I’m in book club, the bar, in a secret black people meeting at work, people who’ve seen it want to see it again. And those who have seen it twice offer (...)

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Miles Ahead

The good news is that Miles Ahead, the Miles Davis biopic, has a lead actor (Don Cheadle) playing the title character that strongly resembles Davis (side eye, whilst still supporting, to you Zoe Saldana and David Oyelowo). The better news is (...)

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Get ready for booze, explicit sex, and a love triangle. Essentially a blues story, but also so much more. Queen Latifah (Dana Elaine Owens) reportedly spent the better of a decade trying to get this film made. However the film doesn’t appear to (...)

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