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Hector and his search for hapiness (Or how British films suck donkey balls)

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The Expendables 3 - the poster review

Tony Hickson’s reviews The Expendables 3 poster

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Pudsey the movie - poster

Tony Hickson’s latest review of a film poster

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The Monuments Men podcast Tony Hickson

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Lego The Movie - Podcast

Tony Hickson’s review of Lego: The Movie

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The Expendables 2 - the poster

Tony Hickson reviews the Expendables 2 poster.

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Pourquoi je ne vais plus voir Saw …

Je ne suis pas de celles qui font leurs vraies filles au cinéma, et ne vont voir des films d’horreur ou « gores » qu’en compagnie d’un accessoire plus musclé contre qui se lover en cas de suspens insoutenable. Non. Moi je suis celles qui (…)

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Saw 3D

Saw 7 ended the franchise with a torture –heavy yet slightly anticlimactic bang. The 6 “episodes”, although inconsistent, were rich in suspenseful twists and turns, which allowed the most squeamish of us to periodically shield our eyes and ears, (…)

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Sex and the City 2

I want to silently sew up every orifice of my body to violently impede my ingestion or production of any sub-atomic particle of matter. Terminate. (Vagina Eyeliner will return to this postcolonial nightmare when we’re ready to remove the (…)

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