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Interview with Trinidad Plass, Titouan Tillier and Isaac Wenzek, co-directors of Ressources humaines

Sunday 29 January 2023, by Clotilde Couturier

Very amusing and highly inventive animation around the themes of recycling and reincarnation!

What was the starting point for the inspiration of the film? Are you particularly fond of certain objects?

We based the film around the theme “recycle what is not of use” and we thought that for once, it would be interesting if the material to be recycled were humans. This led us to the following question: If given the choice, what would we like to be recycled into? The set is mostly composed of real responses to this question by family and friends. We are particularly proud of the recycling machine that doesn’t seem to hurt one bit!

How did you all agree on the object chosen by the character for his ‘recycling’?

Andy’s character tries to do things right, and like many people, he is afraid of messing up his administrative procedures. This is why the chair is a reassuring object for him, because with this choice, he is sure to fulfill his role. This chair is exactly like his life: reasonable. A bit too much perhaps.

What material did you use to give shape to your characters? And which techniques did you employ?

Our puppets have a metal structure, covered in foam and carded wool. We had been wanting to try this technique that we discovered in Emma de Swaef’s films for a long time. Not being familiar with her technical approach, our characters came to life thanks to a recipe that we improved little by little throughout the creation of our film. In addition to this discovery, we had the challenge of carrying out a handheld sequence shot, which wasn’t exactly a walk in the park.

Were you most inspired by the issue of recycling, of reincarnation, or of replaceability?

We enjoyed challenging the norms of our own society by creating a world where humans are the primary resource of production. From a situation that might seem absurd and shocking, we invite reflection on humankind and the space it currently occupies.

What’s your favorite short?

Min Börda, de Niki Lindroth von Bahr, is a short that had an impact on all three of us with its way of discussing subjects dealing with the strangeness of everyday life as well as the absurdity of the human condition. In addition, we were inspired by the camera play, the awkwardness and the silence at the heart of the series The Office.

What does the Festival mean to you?

Each of us has had the occasion of participating in the festival as audience members and we were impressed and inspired by many shorts. After a few months in the dark and a few thousand photos, it is a real pleasure to know that our film will have an audience! This festival is a wonderful first step in the world of cinema, for the film and for us. Thank you!

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