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Nino’s Place

Sunday 23 January 2011, by Clotilde Couturier

11 am on 11 July 1995, from his local radio station, 26 year-old Nino announced to the rest of the world the fall of Srebrenica. Later that same day, he is one of 15000 men forced to leave the city, heading for the free zone, some 100 km away. Nino will never reach his destination. 14 years later, the women of Srebrenica march for those that disappeared on that fateful day, like they do every 11th day of every month.

Ever heard of Srebrenica ? On the 11 July 1995 the Serbian Armed Forces (VRS) killed 15000 Bosnian men and boys. Did you know that on the 11th of every month, “the Women of Srebrenica” (« Zene Srebrenice » ) march to remember husbands and sons, siblings and friends whose bodies have never been found?

Among them is Niño’s mother, Hajra Catic, who set up the movement. The directors Aude Léa Rapin and Adrien Selbert celebrate Hajra’s courage both in her international fight to keep the “Srebrenica genocide” memory alive and in her personal struggle with the lack of information, money and lawful means to find and bury the body of her son, more than ten years after he passed away.

Sobre yet lively, one easily gets to grips with “Niño’s place”. This sincere portrait of Hajra Catic confines itself to the subject “the Women of Srebrenica”’s fight for justice and does not concern itself with political issues or historical elements. Aude Léa Rapin and Adrien Selbert have accomplished a real tour de force in terms of intimacy and realism. Set in an individual and personal testimony, "Niño’s place" is also an act to remember the Srebrenica massacre."
Dir: Aude Léa Rapin & Adrien Selbert, 2011

Screened at FIFDH http://www.alliance-cine.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=46&Itemid=53&lang=en

Trailer : http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xd1pq8_nino-s-place_shortfilms

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