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’Noah’ is certainly appropriately titled. This isn’t a big screen portrayal of one of the great biblical stories of Noah and the Ark. It’s a story about a group of white Europeans/Americans/New Zealanders with accents that have no connection to (…)

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City of Life and Death (Premiere in Paris)

Lu Chuan’s City of Life and Death deals with the surprisingly and depressingly little known Battle of Nanjing and its aftermath (otherwise referred to the Nanking Massacre). The events took place in 1937 as the Japanese Army captured the (…)

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Clash of the Titans

My expectations weren’t particularly high when I went to see the Clash of the Titans. And I must say I was looking forward to it, perhaps moved by some masochistic feeling that compels me to go see films that are going to provoke my inner (…)

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