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Sheffield Documentary Film Festival 2016 - Thoughts and recap

"In that silent room, I heard two sounds. One high, and one low. Afterward I asked the engineer in charge why, if the room was so silent, I had heard two sounds. He said: “Describe them.” I did. He said “The high one was your nervous system in (...)

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Credible Likeable Superstar Role Model - East End Film Festival 2016

London-based performance artist Bryony Kimmings first came to public attention with 7 Day Drunk, a show put together under the influence of alcohol. The subject of new documentary Credible Likeable Superstar Role Model is another ‘real world (...)

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Q&A with Nina Gantz, dir. of Edmond at Clermont 2016

We met up with Nina Gantz, whose film Edmond is screening at this year’s Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival, as part of the International selection. Edmond is an animated short film dealing with twinless twin Edmond and his excessive desire for (...)

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Débat avec les réalisateurs de Au bruit des clochettes et Je ne suis pas un cygne

Deux films sélectionnés au Festival de Clermont-Ferrand, dans la compétition Nationale, que tout rassemble mais que tout oppose : « Au bruit des clochettes » réalisé par Chabname Zariab et « Je ne suis pas un cygne » réalisé par Armand Lameloise. Deux (...)

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ALL IS WELL (2011) - Film Africa

Also released under ’Alda and Maria’, the inspiration for the feature film was director Pocas Pascoal’s own life (see interview here) and the need for Angolan migrants to tell their stories. Of course, this is the reflection of a woman looking back (...)

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AYANDA (2015) - Film Africa

I almost didn’t watch Ayanda as the synopsis described the title character as an Afro-hipster. Did that really need a racial qualifier in South Africa? Why is the racial default for hipsters white? Things will never change if we keep normalising (...)

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Encounters 2015 – a bilingual selection of live action shorts

No. 27 Dir Lola Peploe France 2015 21 mins Fr Lilly Page est une jeune Anglaise partie vivre son rêve d’aspirante romancière dans la Ville Lumière. Dans ce Paris fantasmé, tout peut arriver. C’est donc sans trop de surprise que dans une librairie, (...)

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Encounters 2015 Live Action Competitive Shorts Awards

It’s a busy time in festival world and the Mydy team has been spreading itself thin trying to cover screenings and events. High-up on our list of not-to-be-missed fests is the unfailingly excellent Bristol-based Encounters Short Film Festival. (...)

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They Are We (2013) - Black Film Maker International Film Festival 2015

As a black American living in London nothing grates on me like being asked where my parents, grandparents or great-grandparents are from. This is the inevitable follow-up question which accompanies the initial enquiry into where I’m from, to (...)

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It Follows

Critics’ Week’s best film (in this writer’s opinion) has finally landed in the UK. I was surprised -and delighted- to find out a horror film was among the competition’s selection, despite its championing of genre cinema. And I have to admit, (...)

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