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Science fiction

Q&A with Sofia Alaoui, dir. Qu’importe si les bêtes meurent [So What if the Goats Die] - Clermont 2020

In the heights of the Atlas mountains, Abdellah, a young shepherd, and his father are snowed in. As their animals start to starve, Abdellah goes in search of supplies in a village more than a day’s walk away. With his mule, he arrives in the (…)

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Q&A with Noël Fuzellier, dir. Mars Colony - ClermontFF 2020

Logan is a sci-fi obsessed awkward teenager who often finds himself the butt of his friends’ jokes. One day, he’s visited by an older man who claims to be him, 39 years from now and asks him to join him on a mission to save humankind. A sci-fi (…)

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How To Be Human - SCI-FI LONDON

If you were forced to flee your own war-ridden country, would you sacrifice what makes you human to survive? How To Be Human is a crowd-funded ambitious and visually impressive short recently screened at SCI-FI LONDON that follows two sisters, (…)

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Le dernier rivage (1959) vo : On the beach de Stanley Kramer

Premier film de science-fiction qui ne montre aucun mort, aucun cadavre en décomposition malgré la menace radioactive. Premier film de science-fiction où les destins des personnages sont scellés sans pour autant voir la mort s’abattre sur eux. (…)

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