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Short of the Week: Carnal Orient by Mila Zuo

A cook serves exotic dishes to his hungry, impatient guests. Suddenly the arrival of a mysterious Asian woman re-ignites their insatiable appetite. Mila Zuo’s atmospheric short is incredibly rich in symbolism and references, conscious or not - (...)

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Short of the Week: The Boy and The Sea by Samer Ajouri

This entrancing, hypnotising and moving animation is now available to watch online! Once upon a time there was a boy who had joy in drawing the sea. One day, into the bottom of the sea he dove, in hope of escaping war and misery. The story did (...)

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Short of the Week - Oksijan by Edward Watts

Edward Watts’s powerful, claustrophobic short Oksijan is available to watch for a week as part of BBC Arabic’s Cinema Badila’s Cannes 2019 episode, at 29 min in. The short is followed by an interview with Edward Watts. This independent short film, (...)

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Interview with Jian Luo, director of What Do You Know About the Water and the Moon

Interview with the Chinese filmmaker Jian Luo about her short film What do you Know About the Water and the Moon? selected as part of the 2019 International Competition at Clermont-Ferrand. A video directed by the students of the ARFIS École in (...)

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Interview with Nick Jordan, director of Stratum

Interview with the British filmmaker and Clermont favourite Nick Jordan about his short film Stratum. Stratum is a film that navigates through post-industrial landscapes on the European Route of Industrial Heritage, from Britain’s abandoned (...)

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Interview with Yves Piat, director of Nefta Football Club

In a Moroccan village, children play football on an improvised field. Meanwhile, Abdallah and Mohammed come across a donkey with a headphone on his hears and bags full of a white powder on his back. The two young brothers decide to bring those (...)

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Alex Feggans, director of Jackrabbit

Based on a true story. An Italian backpacker stops at a remote gas station in Australia and is confronted with a strange situation. Interview with Alex Feggans, director of the amusing, genre-bending Australian short Jackrabbit. Jackrabbit (...)

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ClermontFF2019 Interview with Vincent Lambe, director of Detainment

Detainment is based on transcripts of the interrogation of 10 year-olds Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, who murdered toddler James Bulger in 1993. How did you learn about children’s transcripts? I was 12 when it happened and I grew up (...)

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ClermontFF2019 Entretien avec Vincent Lambe, réalisateur de Detainment (Garde à vue)

Comment avez-vous appris l’existence des transcriptions des interrogatoires de l’affaire James Bulger ? J’avais douze ans au moment de l’affaire, et j’en ai entendu parler toute ma jeunesse. Je n’arrivais pas à comprendre comment ces deux garçons de (...)

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ClermontFF2019 Veljko Popovic, director of Biciklisti

Interview with Veljko Popovic, director of the beautiful, hypnotic and playful Biciklisti. Can you tell us about cycling season? I’m assuming it’s a real event! The spirit of the local people in my hometown is entangled with sports. It can be (...)

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